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Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Windows in the Spring

Spring is here and so is allergy season. You may not realize it, but your home’s windows could be making your allergies worse. CHC Glass & Mirror lists five steps below that you can take to allergy-proof your windows so that your hay fever doesn’t get you down this year as much as it has in the past.

Clean Your Windows

If your windows are dirty, they are contributing to your allergies. Dirty windows not only introduce more dust mites to your indoor air but they also grab and hang onto the very pollens to which you are allergic. Make sure to clean your windows and windowsills and keep them clean throughout the spring and summer to help reduce the introduction of pollen into your home.

Use Air Purifiers

Once the windows are clean, place air purifiers near them to grab the pollen that floats in when you have the windows open. This helps you to prevent the airborne contaminants from getting further into your home and triggering allergic reactions. The best air purifiers are ones that have HEPA filtration systems, as these are known to trap as much as 99 percent of dust and allergens.

Use Window Coverings

Change out your drapes and blinds for allergy-resistant ones. In fact, get rid of your blinds altogether; they are just dust and pollen magnets. Purchase lightweight window treatments that can be washed regularly so you can remove the dust and allergens as they build up on the drapes. Those heavy drapes that you have to dry clean are an allergy sufferer’s worst nightmare.

Re-Caulk Unsealed Windows

If your home’s windows are older and the caulking around them has cracked, now is the perfect time to re-caulk them. Not only is the weather nice so you can enjoy this weekend DIY project, but it also seals the windows to prevent allergens, dirt, and debris from making their way inside. You’ll also save money on your air conditioning bill this summer with the windows sealed properly.

Close the Windows

Serious allergy sufferers may be left with no alternative other than to close their windows to avoid the allergens from making their way inside. If the weather is warm and humid, more dust mites and mold will make their way into your home. Keep your windows closed in the early morning and at night, too, because this is when the plants release more pollen and the air is moister.

Finally, if your windows are cracked, broken, or too old, call CHC Glass & Mirror in Duluth, GA. We are glass replacement specialists, and we work on home windows.

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Photo by Valerii Honcharuk via Canva Pro