By John Keefe

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Everyone loves a good mirror. It’s simple, elegant, and evocative, creating a distinct and beautiful ambiance in any space. They’re easy to clean and often cheap, adorning local dive bars and stately dining rooms alike. You can’t go wrong with a few carefully placed mirrors in your store or restaurant.

Increasing Space

The first benefit of mirrors is the illusion of size they create. A few large mirrors can trick the eye, making your space feel far larger than it actually is. This does wonders in alleviating tension for smaller, more claustrophobic spaces, and it draws attention to the room’s natural décor. Keep them tastefully off to the sides here and there, not front and center in everyone’s way. Guests will enjoy their reflections at their leisure, but nobody wants to be forced to stare at themselves all night. It’s also best not to put them in a place where they can be easily reached by curious toddlers with dirty hands or scratched by passersby. Mirrors are a suggestion, not a statement.

Keep Them Clean

Make sure to keep your mirrors clean. Nothing screams “lazy” quite like a dirty mirror. The previous effect of class and prestige is almost completely reversed when your mirrors are smudged and greasy. The space shrinks, the walls close in, and the customers don’t feel like enjoying the view with all the grime in the way. If you hire a cleaning service, window and mirror care should come standard. Sometimes, however, it’s simpler to just get a bottle of good cleaning solution and a soft rag and do it yourself. Remember, don’t leave streaks.

Attract Awareness To Products

Another benefit of mirrors is that they can draw attention to the products you’re selling. Most good bars feature a brightly lit mirror behind the alcohol so everyone can see the various bottles from every angle, as well as offering a convenient way for patrons to check if their lipstick is on straight. Most outlets with glass display cases, like jewelry stores, will make use of mirrors under or behind the products so they can be examined closely without having to remove them from the case. You can experiment with lighting strips or other decoration to create the best image for customers, sort of like framing a picture. It’s all about creating an open, honest and fun retail experience, and a good mirror is an excellent tool for the job.

Protect The Mirrors

A custom-sized mirror can run you several hundred dollars, so be sure you know how to protect it. Small scratches or water stains can be removed fairly easily but you don’t want full on cracks. Be sure your mirrors are somewhere away from the elements where stray weather can’t knock them around. Obviously there’s no absolute guarantee against accidents, and your mirror can always get damaged no matter how hard you try to protect it. That’s the sad thing about mirrors. Once they’re broken they’re broken, and you’ll just have to bite the bullet and start from scratch with a new one. But keep an eye out for danger and you should do just fine.

As decoration, advertisement, and convenient tool for inspection, you simply can’t beat a good mirror. Start hanging a few up and watch your space glow.

Mirrors Alpharetta GA Company CHC Glass

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