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How to Use Glass in a Bathroom

When we think about glass, we tend to think about windows and mirrors and maybe even shower doors. As it turns out, the applications for glass, particularly in a bathroom, are nearly endless. Decorating and building with glass can be rewarding. In many cases, glass can be easier to work with than more conventional materials. Here are just a few ways that glass can be used to upgrade a bathroom.

Shower Surrounds

Whether you have a shower or a tub, using glass rather than a curtain can boost both the look of your bathroom. Aesthetically, glass makes a room feel larger by allowing you to see into the shower area. It also makes your shower feel larger because you can see out, but also because it stays out of the way in a manner that a curtain does not. Adding a glass door or partition to your shower can not only boost the look of your bathroom, it can make it worth more as well. Glass can be frosted, clear, patterned, etched, slumped, or obscured. Edges can be rounded, beveled, polished, or relief. As an added bonus, glass won’t harbor bacteria, mold, and mildew the way that shower curtains can.

Glass Tile

The tile you choose for your shower stall or tub surround can influence the entire space. Glass tile helps to reflect daylight, shimmers under water, and comes in a variety of color gradients. It can make your bathroom look larger and will improve natural lighting. Even better is the fact that glass tile is extremely low maintenance. Just wipe it down once a week and everything will look great.

Glass Sink

Water is translucent and so is glass. By matching the two in a sink, you can make it appear as though nothing is containing the water. If you choose a colored glass sink, it will transmit light through the water and onto other surfaces in the room creating beautiful, natural patterns.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks can provide both light and privacy and make an excellent wall or window replacement. Etched blocks filter light without providing a view and can help to add an organic feel to a bathroom. Stained glass blocks provide even more privacy and can be used to create patterns and mosaics

Why the Bathroom?

Simply put, the opportunities for glass in a bathroom are more abundant than in almost any other room. Glass makes it possible to achieve just about any look and feel you want, from elegant spa to rustic cabin bathroom. Think glass when you think about remodeling your bathroom. You won’t be sorry.

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Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay