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How to Make Your Own Soap Scum Remover

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Baths and showers are supposed to be places of cleanliness. You want nice white porcelain and clean glass on the mirrors and shower door. It’s healthier because gunk won’t rub off on you and make your daily shower a waste of time. It’s safer because you won’t slip in a patch of something or another and whack your head. It’s more visually pleasing. You simply need to give your bathroom a good scrub once in a while. It’s ideal.

Soap scum is your worst enemy during these times. It accumulates on glass doors, mirrors, shower walls and tiles. It’s unsightly and sometimes dangerous. Luckily there are a wealth of recipes for homemade soap scum removers that will keep your glass shiny and your flooring safe, always at a minimum of expense.

If you want to whip up a batch of do-it-yourself bathroom cleaner, you will first need a good, inexpensive white vinegar. Vinegar is naturally acidic but not in a dangerous way, perfect for dissolving the globs that accumulate on glass and tiling. If you want to make a decent-sized batch of cleaner, pour a cup of white vinegar into a large measuring cup. Some people swear by the cleaning properties of vinegar on its own, and if you’re feeling lucky you can always rub it on the dark spots with a good cloth and hope for the best. If it doesn’t work, move on to step two.

Next you’re going to add some corn starch to the vinegar. You’ll need about a tablespoon or so (don’t add more, as it thickens into sort of a putty that won’t get anything clean). Stir it up until it’s dissolved and microwave the mixture to get it all mixed together. When it’s out and still warm, add two tablespoons of dish soap. Whatever you have handy should work fine. You can use the plain stuff or experiment with some scents, it’s your choice. Combine everything in a spray bottle and you’re ready to go!

The vinegar does most of the dissolving, the corn starch keeps the mixture thick and effective, and the dish soap will give everything a good sheen to it. Spray it on the problem areas and let it sit for a minute to really work its way in. Then rub the area down with a good sponge or a clean cloth. You can use it on glass, tile, or porcelain with much the same effect. It works on soap scum, water spots, and most other crud that gets caked on here and there in the shower. It also doesn’t leave much in the way of suds or streaks, so you can be sure the mixture will wind up down the drain taking all the dirt with it.

Some recipes recommend adding a little clear alcohol to the mixture, or dropping the corn starch and keeping it watery. It’s up to you to decide what works best with what you have. Experiment with a few different measurements and combinations and you’ll have the cleanest shower in the neighborhood in no time.

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