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Finding That Perfect Balance Between Style, Quality, and Affordable Prices

When building, upgrading, or simply redecorating one’s home or a place of business, the most difficult task has always been to find that perfect balance between style, quality, and affordable prices. Almost every time one has to make a compromise by choosing 2 out of 3, thus settling for something that is almost what they wanted. This is exactly why we at CHC Glass & Mirror in Sandy Springs, GA, strive to provide our customers with that sense of always getting what their creative minds imagined, without any compromises.

Your Wish Is Our Command

Our company has successfully been meeting our customers’ creative wishes and quality requirements for almost four decades now. By offering remarkable customer support and delivering only the highest degree of glass and mirror craftsmanship, our company has equipped and embellished thousands of residences, bathrooms, kitchens, and health spas with high-quality residential as well as industrial glass products.
From heavy glass shower doors and customized mirrors to custom-made glass hand barriers and glass repair services, CHC Glass & Mirror has the ability and the know-how to manage your project with the simplicity, style, and quality you need.

Love At First Sight

First impressions are often crucial for the success of a company and since you only get one chance to make the first impression, it is of paramount importance that your company exudes that precious feeling of style, quality, and determination. We at CHC Glass & Mirror know this better than anyone and this is why we offer only the best, professional storefront solutions for your company, whether it’s a small and friendly family business or a colossal complex of buildings. Our professional team can handle any size or type of new project or a repair job for your existing storefront windows or doors.
CHC will provide a broad range of Glass & Mirror items that will reflect your cutting-edge design ideas or traditional styles just as stylishly as they reflect bright and warm rays of sunshine. Our experienced teams know how to blend the beauty of simplicity with the ever-coveted modern look.

Frame of Reference

“Elegance”, “simple beauty”, “classic look”, and “more space in the room” are just a few of the comments our regular customers make about the precision framework CHC Glass & Mirror provides. Check out all of our various frame styles and colors to change and improve the look of your current mirrors or add new framed mirrors to your home in order to give it that fresh touch.

Shower Your Home With Glassy Presents

Update your bathroom and indulge yourself with a glass-enclosed shower that will add a touch of luxury to your bathroom as well as your home. CHC Glass & Mirror offers both standard and custom glass shower and tub enclosures that complement any bathroom in your home. If you are updating your home or building a new one, we can help you choose a size and style that will best fit your home as well as add the touch of luxury.

Contact our customer support for further details. Style, elegance, and quality are just around the corner.

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