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Five Tips on Choosing the Right Door and Window Screens for Your Home

Door and window screens are an essential requirement for those that live in unpredictable climates. Severe storms can destroy doors and windows in a matter of seconds leading to expensive repair bills. Screens are also necessary for keeping out intruders ranging from potential thieves to winged invaders. As well as being practical, screens can also improve the exterior of your home by blending in with the surrounding wall to create a seamless effect. It is vital to choose the perfect type of screen for your home and ensure they are correctly installed by an experienced technician.

Select the Right Screens for Your Climate

If you live in an area that gets hit with several hurricanes a year, then a glass screen door will not be suitable for your home. Wooden screens are also a poor choice in places that experience high humidity. Steel, aluminium and composite screens are able to withstand the elements and will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. As well as wind and rain, screens protect your door and window frames from strong sunlight that can damage paintwork.

Look for Designs that Complement Your Home

Screens are available in hundreds of different colors and finishes allowing you to choose the perfect design for your home. Installing an aluminium screen door on a period home would look out of place, and a wrought iron screen in a traditional design would be much better suited. Traditional wooden screens are perfect for a country cottage and can be customized to fit any window shape.

Choose the Best Quality Your Budget Allows

When selecting screens, it is advisable to choose the best quality that you are able to afford. Unless you are experienced at installing window and door screens, seek the help of a professional to ensure they are installed correctly. Custom-made screens are a little more expensive than standard sizes, so be sure to check many different dealers to see if they stock screens in the size you require.

Consider Pets and Children

If your dog likes to greet guests by jumping up and scratching at the door, then you will need to look for a screen made from a strong material. Window screens are perfect for preventing young children and pets from falling out of windows, but you will need to check the screens regularly to ensure they are securely fitted.

Improve Your Homes Security

Fitting screens over your doors and windows also helps to improve the security of your home. Look for screens that feature three-point locking systems or shatter-proof glass to deter thieves. Certain models allow you to fit a padlock onto the screen for added protection.

Some screens feature removable panels that allow you to switch between materials depending on the season. Shatter-proof glass panels can be used during the winter to protect your home and then swapped for mesh panels in the summer to keep out mosquitoes. Always check your screens regularly for signs of damage and fix any problems as soon as possible.

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