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Whether you are looking to increase the amount of natural light entering your home, want to take your office space to the next level of sophistication, or simply want something a little different, a glass wall may be the answer. Large glass panels can offer sweeping views of the landscape, provide an open feel to any office layout, and increase comfort and productivity. Glass offers a number of benefits that other partitioning systems simply can’t match. Here are a few.

Natural Light

Bringing the outdoors inside is a big part of aesthetic design and eco-friendly building. Having a glass wall in your home or place of business can create a relaxing, tranquil environment that allows you to mingle with nature while still remaining comfortable and productive. A glass wall can also cut down on your energy use by flooding a room with natural light and heat. These walls don’t have to be on the exterior of the structure either. Glass partitions are a great way to let light pass from exterior rooms to interior spaces, allowing you to make better use of all of the space available to you.

Research shows that 93% of people find sunlight to be desirable in interior spaces and that 73% of office workers want natural daylight rather than artificial light. Research even suggests that productivity and job satisfaction are increased when daylight is more abundant. In fact, daylight views can increase productivity by as much as 2.6%, which is an average of 38.98 more work hours per year. In retail, natural daylight can boost sales by as much as 40%. Natural light stimulates the brain and improves mood and glass walls are the best way to get natural light into interior spaces.

Natural Heat

Thermal comfort is a critical part of health, happiness, and productivity. If people are too hot or too cold, they simply aren’t as happy as they could be. Glass is unique in controlling thermal comfort because it allows radiant heat (from light) to warm people and objects without making a room warmer (if the room is designed with attention to color, material, etc.). That means that people stay warm and the air they breath stays cool, maximizing comfort and reducing irritations like dry skin or eyes. Carefully designed rooms that utilize glass to help control thermal comfort are often rated as the most appealing places to work and live. In short, glass can make a room feel more comfortable.

Moving Walls

Glass walls create some of the most flexible interior systems available because they are easily erected and easily moved. Glass walls can be static or dynamic, which means that they can be bolted in place to create permanent structures or they can be set on hinges, tracks, and other apparatus that allow them to move. Because glass can be transparent or opaque and because new technologies actually allow a glass panel to convert between the two states, glass walls can offer privacy when necessary and transparency at other times. Glass walls are the most versatile and cost effective method of dividing up large spaces that have limited exterior wall space.

Getting Glass

Designing with glass is both unique and freeing. Everything from the thickness of the glass to considerations regarding privacy, modularity, and lighting must be taken into account. That said, glass a forgiving medium and one that can, over the long term, reduce costs. In office settings, glass is economical, modular, and durable. In the home, glass is elegant, comforting, and iconic. Now matter what you decide to do with glass, you’ll be happy you choose it.

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