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Decorating The Exterior – ‘Tis the Season

As seasons change, so do the ways people choose to decorate the exterior of their homes. It seems as though holidays are a time of year when people have a secret competition to see who can come up with the most gaudy, over-the-top display of spirit imaginable and often neglect to take it down until it interferes with next season’s decorations. Though such excess is to be expected, it should not be the standard we hold ourselves to. When done in moderation, one can perfectly capture the mood of any season while also expressing their good taste.


Christmas is undoubtedly the leading cause of holiday decoration disasters. With consumerism running rampant, companies can’t seem to make an item too ridiculous for people to buy and use to decorate their yard. Whether it be oversized inflatable Santa Claus’ or snow globes, gigantic plastic candy cane candles or reindeer complete with sleigh for placement on rooftops, nothing is off-limits. When it comes to creating a tasteful display, subtlety is the name of the game. An over-the-top display causes people to view the decorations as a separate entity rather than viewing them as a part of your home. To capture the mood of the holiday season, you need look no further than a few strings of lights. Try hanging a few faux icicles from the gutters, lighting a tree or bush or hanging a wreath on the door. Any one of these effects will more than adequately represent affinity for the holiday season without compromising class.


Halloween is a close second to Christmas, though it can often be worse. In a general sense, the decorations used for Christmas may be incredibly overdone but are usually harmless and easy to look at. Due to its nature as an “evil” holiday, Halloween decorations seem to involve a great deal of generally unpleasant things such as oversized spiders and human skeletons. However, Halloween takes place during a naturally beautiful time of year and, as such, is easy to take advantage of from a decoration standpoint. Rather than rake all the leaves in the yard, leave some behind. Because of their color, they are inherently an excellent fall decoration. A few strategically-placed pumpkins, possibly mixed with a jack-o-lantern here or there, are perfect for lining walkways or accenting doorways. Nearly any effect can be achieved if the season’s colors and a little imagination are used to one’s advantage.

Though only two seasons are covered in the above paragraphs, these principles can be applied to literally any occasion one may need to decorate for. Above all, remember that subtlety can speak volumes. Nothing requires a flashy or dramatic display to be effective, as such things can and often do detract from the importance of the occasion it tries to represent. One can never go wrong by making sure the decorations don’t outshine the celebration.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay