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Advantages of Shower Doors Versus Shower Curtains

box doccia in vetro in bagno modernoThe topic of shower curtains versus shower doors remains a hot- button issue in bathroom design circles. While interior designers weigh in with thoughts on aesthetics and house value, your personal taste and bathroom layout are the key factors that will influence your choice. Shower curtains and shower doors serve the same function. However, they differ in cost, style, maintenance and ease of use. Designers almost always recommend glass doors for standalone showers. They’re also partial to glass panels for a combination tub and shower, although, they’ll willingly accede to a shower curtain’s advantages. If you’re stuck in bathroom design limbo, consider the following arguments for both options.


Cost represents the biggest difference between shower curtains and shower doors, and for many, it is the deciding factor. Even if you were to purchase designer curtains and install a double shower-rod combo, it would still be a lot cheaper to use shower curtains in your bathroom. Shower doors are costly, and the costs go up depending on the size of the enclosure. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of installation, which is not a DIY project like installing shower curtains. As you consider costs, keep in mind that there are no recurring costs for shower doors if you adhere to proper maintenance techniques. Shower curtains have a low start-up cost, but you’ll spend more over time if you have to replace the soiled and moldy fixtures every couple months.


There’s an obvious difference in the way shower curtains and shower doors affect your bathroom’s style. Modern shower curtains are available in a wide range of designs, colors and textures that you can mix and match to fit your bathroom’s décor. Shower curtains are versatile since you can hang new ones to change your bathroom’s mood any time you want. In times past, shower doors gave the impression of a high-end look when compared to curtains. However, anyone can create an upscale bathroom using the right shower curtain, shower rod and shower hooks combo. Elegant shower curtains don’t change the fact that shower doors are just as classy. Traditionally made of glass, shower doors are not colorful, so they’ll fit in with any bathroom décor. The see-through enclosures help smaller bathrooms by creating the impression of a larger space.


Shower curtains attract mold and mildew, which can be a source of frustration if you don’t have time for maintenance. Even the so-called mold-free liners can become grimy and moldy in a matter of months, and the strong chemicals might be off-putting to your family. Shower doors resist mold and mildew, but you’ll still have to clean soap scum and hard water stains. Cleaning your shower curtains often involves taking them down to wash them and put them up again, or replacing them altogether. In contrast, glass door maintenance could be as simple as putting automatic cleaning solutions to work after every shower . Your cleaning habits should guide your decision in this instance.

Choosing between a shower curtain and a shower door comes down to your personal preference. Consider your bathroom décor, budget, cleaning habits and overall goals and you’ll identify the one that’s best for you.

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