There’s nothing better for your street level business than a good storefront window. It’s better than any billboard, showing the world just what they can expect from you and your employees when they step into the building. For retail outlets, it puts all the goods on display, and for restaurants or bars it shows all the happy customers laughing and eating delicious food. You can double down and put some actual advertising in your window but remember not to overdo it. An odd flyer can go a long way, but make sure people can still see in. Otherwise people wonder what you’re trying to hide.

Don’t Be Mysterious With Your Windows In Atlanta

Clear glass is the name of the game when installing a storefront window. Tinted or frosted glass can lend an aura of mystery to your establishment, but unless you’re catering to a crowd that values privacy that’s not always the kind of aura you want to project. Remember, customers have no idea what to expect when they step into your building: will they be harangued by an overeager hostess, or trip down some stairs? Uncertainty scares people away. Better to keep things wide open and appealing.

Speaking of “open”, many businesses in temperate climates have seen a rise in storefront windows that actually open. This lends a certain charm to your store, transforming what could be a detached block of real estate into someone’s homey back porch. Obviously you have to keep an eye on the weather if you go this route. Juggling heat and air conditioning with the window’s open or closed status can be a pain, but it’s worth it to create such a welcoming, fun ambiance.

First Impressions Matter

Since your storefront window is such an essential first impression, it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. If your business hires a janitorial service the window cleaning should come standard but many smaller businesses leave it for the employees. Use a soft, damp towel and a good cleaning solution and don’t leave streaks. Be wary of spider webs and fingerprints from passersby. You don’t want to project that kind of laziness to the world. Cleaning your own windows also offers you a fantastic opportunity to interact with comers and goers on the street. A store owner cleaning their own façade is a sight rarely seen today, one that tells people you care enough about this business that you’ll put in the extra effort.

Obviously your storefront window can be damaged. If your business is in a rougher neighborhood, or you keep products on display overnight, you should consider getting some rolling shutters installed. There’s no way to completely eliminate the risk of the teenage gang tossing a rock at your store but some shutters can protect the glass if nothing else. Magnetic sensor alarms are also a prime investment. They make an automatic 911 call any time the glass is damaged, giving the police your location the instant things go bad. Remember, for all their benefits, storefront windows can be a weak spot for criminals to exploit.

Commercial Storefront Windows Atlanta GA

So there you have it. Open your business up with a good, clean front window and watch the customers roll in.

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