Why A Frameless Glass Shower Update Makes A Difference In Your Bathroom

For years now, bathrooms have provided more than a place of necessity. Design trends and homeowner needs have transformed these practical rooms into havens of relaxation that can display personality and become focal points of the home. With that idea, sleek, sophisticated designs are all the rage these days, and frameless glass plays the part perfectly.

If you aren’t familiar with how frameless glass works, here’s the deal: needing metal to reinforce the structure, framed showers use thinner, weaker glass. Frameless glass showers, however, use 3/8″ or 1/2″ polished, tempered safety glass to achieve a strong frame without metal details.

These showers provide numerous aesthetic and practical advantages, including:

A Minimalist, Elegant Feel

With no metal mucking up the area, frameless glass showers give off that effortless but trendy vibe. The look is ultramodern and minimalist, making the space appear updated yet timeless.

Easier Cleaning

Without connecting points made up of part glass, part metal (or other material), these showers are much easier to keep clean. Simply use your favorite glass cleaner to wipe down the area weekly (or spray a daily shower cleaner), and you have a sleek, polished shower.

Increased Natural Light

With up-and-coming trends leaning toward windows in every room, a glass-only shower lets all the natural sunlight peek through. Gone are the days of squinting under artificial light to shave and shower. When vitamin D via good old-fashioned sunshine fills the room, everyone wins.

Space That Appears Larger

A few decades ago, designers created mirrored walls to make rooms feel bigger. Today, this idea translates to frameless glass showers. Since various shower door designs can accommodate any space, even the tiniest bathrooms can benefit, making everyone feel like they live in a spa.

An Open-Concept Feeling

With modern homeowners seeking wide open spaces, frameless glass showers only contribute to this desire for expansiveness. You can see past these large, metal-free structures, making the room feel unencumbered and cohesive.

A Showcase for Funky Tile

With statement walls becoming hotter every season, unique tile demands to be seen. What better way to highlight your love of oceanic shades, Spanish terra-cotta or vintage designs than a transparent shower?

Added Resale Value

Whether you plan to renovate and resell or keep the updated look all to yourself, investing in frameless shower doors will only make your property more desirable. Their resistance to staining and mildew along with enhanced durability make them a justifiable, smart expense.

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Image by Andrew Collins from Pixabay